International Conference

Research and Human Rights

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Drammensveien 78
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Research and Human Rights

In the world today, academic freedom is under threat in several countries. The respect for fundamental human rights - including the rights to freedom of expression, association and movement - is essential to the ability to conduct scholarly research without interference or manipulation and to protect not only the integrity of the research but also the security of the researcher.

This international conference will bring together scholars from different disciplines and focus on situations in which academic freedom is under attack. It will also highlight the importance of incorporating a human rights perspective into academic research, in order to enhance research results and enable more responsible solutions to pressing societal challenges.

The conference is free of charge and open to all, but registration is required.

Please note: Limited seats.  



Rebecca Everly: The role of national academies in promoting human rights

Ayse Erzan: Research and reaching out to the public - chance and necessity

Homa Hoodfar: Academic freedom as transnational rights: Reflections from Iran's Evin prison 

Odin Lysaker: A new law on earth: Hannah Arendt on human rights between inherent dignity and death penalty

Geir Ulfstein: The relationship between human rights and human rights law

Cathrine Moe Thorleifsson: Understanding dehumanization: how scholarship can defend the human in an era of New nationalism

Cassandra Falke: The Language of all nations: Defining human rights fiction

Anton Weiss-Wendt: The Universal Declaration of human rights and the Genocide Convention as a Casualty of the Cold War, 1947-1948

Helle Porsdam: Linking research and human rights

Petra Gyonyi: Judicial Independence research and human rights in Hungary

Nigel Biggar: Why the right to academic freedom is not enough

Arne Johan Vetlesen: The precarious relationship between cultural diversity and biodiversity: Consequences for human rights


Organizer: Professor Jakob Lothe, Professor in English Literature at the University of Oslo and Leader of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters' Committee for Human Rights.

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