Akademiets utvalg for klima, miljø og ressursbruk

Adapting to a changing ocean

Gamle Festsal - Domus Academica

The Academy's committee on Climate, Environment and Resources invites to a meeting on the ocean and its role in the Earth's ecosystem in accordance with the following High Commission meeting on the oceans 23 - 24 October.

Photo by Ana San Juan on Unsplash

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters wants to contribute to the international high-level panel on ocean economy, led by Erna Solberg, and the meeting organized by the panel 23-24 October 2019 in Oslo, where Professor Jane Lubchenco will take part. 
The meeting will be on how to adapt to a changing ocean, with an emphasis on the economy of the oceans put into a larger earth system perspective.




The meeting will describe:

  • How marine physics, dynamics, environmental conditions and biology is influenced by the atmosphere, the water cycle, the global biogeochemical cycles of nutrients and other trace species, the cryosphere, the land surface and the land ecosystems. 
  • How in other dimensions, the ocean economy is linked to international political frameworks to safeguard the earth system.
  • The economic and social dimensions of the totality of the earth system services. 

17:00 - Openings by Nils Chr. Stenseth (moderator) and Vidar Helgesen
17.30 - Jane Lubchenco: A New Narrative for the Ocean 
18:00 - Kai Håkon Christensen: The coupling ocean-atmosphere
18:30 - Geir Huse: Sustainable use of the coastal zones in an earth system perspective
19:00 - Malin L. Pinsky: Species on the move in a warming ocean
19:30 - Panel discussion:
               Peter M. Haugan,
               Kirsten Grorud-Colvert
               Vidar Helgesen

The meeting is open for all, but requires registration here