The Academy’s Prize for Outstanding Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Jon Elster Symposium

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The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Jon Elster fotografert av Skjalg Bøhmer Vold
Jon Elster vinner av HumSam-prisen 2019, fotografert av Skjalg Bøhmer Vold.

The Academy's prize for outstanding research in the humanities and social sciences (The Stefi and Lars Fylkesaker prize) was in 2019 awarded to Jon Elster, Professor of Political Science at Columbia, New York. Elster was awarded the prize for "his outstanding contributions in the fields of philosophy and social sciences". 

This symposium will bring together a group of international scholars from different fields of science, to celebrate the career of Elster, as one of the most influential political scientists of his time. Invitations will be sent out in November. 



If you have any enquiries, please contact Gro Havelin at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters:



 10:00         Opening, Prize Ceremony 
 10:15      Professor Jon Elster (Columbia University):  Is 
  social science possible?
 11:00    Coffee Break
 11:15   Commentaries by Ken Binmore (University
  College London) and Thomas Hylland Eriksen 
  (University of Oslo)
 13:00    Lunch

  Jon Elster (Columbia University): France before
  1789: The Unraveling of an Absolutist Regime 


  Commentaries by Stein Tønnesson (PRIO) and Julian Swann (Birkbeck College) 

 16:00   Response from Elster and discussion

  Panel discussion addressing Jon Elster’s
  significance and influence
  Introductions by Professor Diego Gambetta
  (European University Institute) and George Ainslie
  (Veterans Affairs Medical Center & Uni. of Cape 

  Panelists: Professors Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund, 
  Olav Gjelsvik, Aanund Hylland, Bjørn Erik Rasch

 18:00   Reception and dinner