The Abel Prize is increased by 1.5 million NOK

The board of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to increase the prize amount for the Abel Prize from 6 to 7.5 million NOK.

Abelprisen prisutdeling 2019 Karen Uhlenbeck
Karen Uhlenbeck received the 2019 Abel Prize. Photo: Trygve Inderlid/ NTB scanpix.

The head of the Abel Board, John Grue, is pleased with the increase and believes this will strengthen the status of the Abel Prize:

- The Abel Prize has in a short time been internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious science awards in mathematics. This is due to a number of reasons, including a high cash award. The prize amount has not been adjusted since the Abel Prize was established in 2002. This measure will help strengthen the position and reputation of the Abel Prize internationally, says Grue.

The prize amount has been increased by, among other things, redistributing resources between administrative work and the prize amount.

Facts about the Abel Prize:

• The Abel Prize recognizes cutting-edge scientific achievements in mathematics. It is awarded annually by His Majesty King Harald V, and is managed by the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research.
• The prize amount is now 7.5 million NOK. The award winner is selected on the basis of a recommendation from the Abel Committee, composed by five internationally renowned mathematicians.
• The Abel Prize was established in 2002 on the 200th anniversary of Nils Henrik Abel's birthday, and it has been awarded to 20 award winners.
• Niels Henrik Abel (1802-1829) was a Norwegian mathematician. In his short life, he made important contributions that are effective in today's mathematics.
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