Akademiforelesningen i humaniora og samfunnsvitenskap er en årlig internasjonal forelesning. Den ble for første gang arrangert i mars 2009. I forlengelse blir det annethvert år arrangert et større symposium, det første fant sted i Vitenskapsakademiet i oktober 2009.

Forelesningenen støttes av Grosserer N. A. Stangs legat.

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Akademiforelesningen 2021 ble holdt digitalt 22. mars. Professor Stephen M. Gardiner ved University of Washington holdt foredraget Defending Climate Justice in a Perfect Moral Storm

Stephen M Gardiner
Stephen M. Gardiner

Despite decades of awareness, we are currently accelerating hard into the climate problem in a way that defies standard explanations.  This suggests that a focus on the scientific and economic questions is too narrow, and the tendency to see the political problem as one of nation states facing a traditional tragedy of the commons is too optimistic.  Instead, we should recognize that climate change is an ethical problem that is genuinely global, dominantly intergenerational, and takes place in a setting where our prescriptive theories are weak.  This “perfect moral storm” is manifest in recent developments in international climate policy in the turmoil surrounding the Paris agreement. It also helps both to explain the worrying increase in moral corruption in the public sphere, and to predict new forms that such corruption may take.

Stephen M. Gardiner is Professor of Philosophy and Ben Rabinowitz Endowed Professor of Human Dimensions of the Environment at the University of Washington, Seattle. His main areas of interest are ethical theory, political philosophy and environmental ethics. His research focuses on global environmental problems (especially climate change), future generations, and virtue ethics.

Steve is the author of A Perfect Moral Storm: the Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change (Oxford, 2011), the coordinating co-editor of Climate Ethics: Essential Readings (Oxford, 2010), and the editor of Virtue Ethics: Old and New (Cornell, 2005). His articles have appeared in journals such as Ethics, the Journal of Political Philosophy, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, and Philosophy and Public Affairs.

Steve has published on a diverse range of topics including intergenerational justice, the ethics of geoengineering, the precautionary principle, climate justice, Aristotle's account of the reciprocity of the virtues, Seneca's approach to virtuous moral rules, and Socrates' political philosophy. His most recent books are Debating Climate Ethics (Oxford, 2016), a "for and against" book on climate justice, with David Weisbach, and the Oxford Handbook on Environmental Ethics (Oxford, 2016), co-edited with Allen Thompson, and The Ethics of "Geoengineering" the Global Climate (Routledge, 2020), co-edited with Catriona McKinnon and Augustin Fragniere.