Science advice Committee

Science advice-utvalget
The Academy's Science advice committee, here represented by four of its members: Tor Grande (NTNU), Ragna Aarli (UiB), Rolf Reed (leader - UiB) and Brita Brenna (UiO).

Mandate and members
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters Science advice Committee was established in 2018, with the mandate to:

  • function as a link between the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and The Technical Science Academy, and be a link between these academies and defined international Science advice initiatives
  • contribute to develop the Science advice mechanisms in Norway in cooperation with the Norwegian Research Council and other units
  • contribute to develop the understanding of what Science advice entails
  • contribute to process and adjust international Science advice reports to the Norwegian context

Members of the Science advice Committee:

  • Rolf Reed, University of Bergen – leader
  • Peter Haugan, University of Bergen
  • Tor Grande, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Ragna Aarli, University of Bergen
  • Geir Asheim, University of Oslo
  • Asgeir Tomasgaard, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Ragnhild Freng Dale, Western Norway Research Institute

Deputy members:

  • Kristin Asdal, University of Oslo
  • Brita Brenna, University of Oslo
  • Lars Walløe, University of Oslo
  • Anders Elverhøi, University of Oslo

Eva Halvorsen is the Committee Secretary (