The Academy building

The Tapestry room

Conference and banqueting rooms available

In the building on Drammensveien 78, owned by The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, you may have a conference or a dinner party on the second floor. This is available to both members and non-members. 

On the second floor there is a dining room that under normal circumstances seats up to 86.

There are several rooms for coffee break and/or aperitifs; The Tapestry room with four tapestries symbolising four senses; sight, taste, hearing and smell. The tapestries are painted embroidery made by Mårtens Eskil Winge and his wife Hanna Winge.  The room next to the parking lot (Drammensveien) is called the Flower room, due to the painted flower vines that surrounds the paintings on the wall and the ceiling. The Cabinet is the small room next to the Tapestry room and was originally the waiting room if you wanted to visit Mr. Astrup  - the man who build this beautiful house.

The Kavli lecture hall can accommodate up to 100 guests. It is equipped with a sound system with an inductive loop, a desktop computer and a projector.

The house has an elevator and an access ramp.

For any questions regarding hiring the Academy building for a conference or a dinner party etc. please contact:
Senior Adviser Gro Havelin
Phone: +47 22 84 15 07
Email: gro.havelin[a]
(switchboard: + 47 22 84 15 00)

If you decide to have an event in the Academy and you have contacted us and settled on a date you have to choose one of the two catering companies that have an agreement with the Academy:

• Spiskammerset Selskapsmat AS:

• Christiania Fine Dining: