Board of the Academy



The board of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters:

The governing body is the Academy Board which consists of the Presiding Committee and the board members, and representatives of the classes. 

Presiding Committee 
President: Lise Øvreås
Secretary General: Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund
Vice President: Kenneth Ruud | Terje Lohndal

The Natural Sciences Division 
Chair: Kenneth Ruud
Deputy Chair: Reidunn Aalen
Secretary: Susanne Viefers

The Humanities and social sciences
Chair: Terje Lohndal
Deputy Chair: Ellen Mortensen
Secretary: Hilde Sandvik

Board members
Helge Holden
Unni Olsbye
Tore Rem

Employee representative on the board
Marina Tofting 
Eva Halvorsen (deputy)